Hoedowner Tunes of the Month

Jul-20 Walking in My Sleep

Jun-20 Seneca Square Dance

May-20 Under the Greenwood Tree

Apr-20 Sam and Elzie>

Mar-20 Rocky Road to Jordan"

Feb-20 Rainbow

Jan-20 Five Miles of Ellum Wood

Dec-19 Wink the Other Eye

Nov-19 Johnny Lover's Gone

Oct-19 Step Around Johnny

Sep-19 No Tune

Aug-19 Johnny Don't Come Home Drunk

Jul-19 Possum's Tail is Bare

Jun-19 Pinedale Waltz

May-19 Climbing the Golden Stairs

Apr-19 No Tune

Mar-19 No Tune

Feb-19 After Christmas Waltz

Jan-19 Eighth of January (Arkansas Barefoot Boys version)

Dec-18 Breaking Up Christmas

Nov-18 I Hate to Say Goodbye

Oct-18 Sarah Armstrong's Tune / The Old Reel

Sep-18 Sugar Tree Stomp

Aug-18 Texas Barb Wire

Jul-18 Ten Strike / Oklahoma Rooster

Jun-18 No Tune

May-18 No Tune

Apr-18 No Tune

Mar-18 The Banshee / McMahun's Reel

Feb-18 Farewell Trion

Jan-18 Heaven's Gate (Ella's) Waltz

Dec-17 No Tune

Nov-17 Year of Jubilo / Kingdom Coming

Oct-17 All of Me

Sep-17 Flowers of Edinburgh

Aug-17 A Mighty Pretty Waltz

Jul-17 Metsakukkia

Jun-17 Miss McLeod's Reel

May-17 No Tune

Apr-17 White Wings

Mar-17 No Tune

Feb-17 A & E Waltz

Jan-17 Brickyard Joe

Dec-16 Harvest Home Reel

Nov-16 Texas Schottische

Oct-16 Paddy on the Handcar

Sep-16 Wake Up Susan


Jul-16 Black Velvet Waltz #2

Jun-16 Seamus O'Brien

May-16 No Tune

Apr-16 Willamette Valley Waltz

Mar-16 My Dad's Polish Wedding Waltz

Feb-16 Marmaduke's Hornpipe

Jan-16 Larry O'Gaff

Dec-15 Oregon Fiddler's Waltz / Simple Gifts

Nov-15 Calgary Schottische

Oct-15 Reginaki's Waltz

Sep-15 East Tennessee Blues

Aug-15 Spruce Topper's Polka

Jul-15 Bond-Vals

Jun-15 Journeyman's Jig

May-15 No Tune

Apr-15 Loon Waltz

Mar-15 New Spanish Two-Step

Feb-15 Waltzing Through the Leaves

Jan-15 Drommon on Elen

Dec-14 Hull's Victory

Nov-14 Cuckoo's Nest

Oct-14 Russell Creek

Sep-14 No Tune

Aug-14 Hi-Lo Schottische

Jul-14 Log Driver's Waltz

Jun-14 Sierra Swing

May-14 No Tune

Apr-14 Soldier's Return

Mar-14 Speed the Plough

Feb-14 Earl's Waltz

Jan-14 Gil's Schottische

Dec-13 Valsen hans Andreas

Nov-13 Hector the Hero

Oct-13 Puncheon Floor

Sep-13 Lily Dale

Aug-13 Waverly 2-Step

Jul-13 Moonbeams Clear

Jun-13 Springfield

May-13 No Tune

Apr-13 Sugar in the Gourd

Mar-13 Drommon on Elen

Feb-13 The No G Polka

Jan-13 Billy in the Lowground

Dec-12 Peach Blossom

Nov-12 Whip and Spur Gallop

Oct-12 Shenandoah

Sep-12 Step Up Johnny

Aug-12 Shenandoah Falls Revised

Jul-12 Rat Cheese

Jun-12 Jayme Allen

May-12 Paddy on the Railroad

Apr-12 Money Musk

Mar-12 Sandy River Belle

Feb-12 Elk River Blues

Jan-12 Green Sleeves

Dec-11 Indian Point

Nov-11 Braunla

Oct-11 Hummingbird Hornpipe

Sep-11 Nancy

Aug-11 Joys of Quebec

Jul-11 Whistling Rufus

Jun-11 Soldier's Joy

May-11 Swallowtail Jig

Apr-11 Sleeping Giant Two Step

Mar-11 Tombigbee Waltz

Feb-11 Bay of Fundy Jan-11 South Wind Dec-10 Jingle Bells Nov-10 In the Mood Oct-10 History list of songs Sep-10 Crooked Stove Pipe Aug-10 Sailor's Hornpipe Jul-10 Crooked Stove Pipe Jun-10 Gravel Walk May-10 Flop Eared Mule Apr-10 Angeline the Baker Mar-10 Sunny San Juan Feb-10 River John Sunset Waltz Jan-10 Gum Tree Canoe Dec-09 Missouri Waltz Nov-09 Me and My Fiddle Oct-09 Clear Water Stomp Sep-09 Hull's Victory Aug-09 Champion Hornpipe Jul-09 Father Kelly's Jun-09 Rainbow Schottische May-09 Mexican Waltz Apr-09 Carpenter of Sollas Mar-09 Alex and Maureen's Two-Step Feb-09 Granny Will Your Dog Bite?

Jan-09 Red Wing

Dec-08 Jimmy Brown Polka

Nov-08 Huckleberry Rag

Oct-08 Red River Valley

Sep-08 Horse and Buggy

Aug-08 Knee Cracker

Jul-08 Angeline the Baker

Jun-08 Sleeping Giant Two Step

May-08 Kathleen

Apr-08 Put Your Little Foot

Mar-08 Golden Fiddle Waltz

Feb-08 Turkey in the Straw

Jan-08 Me And My Fiddle

Dec-07 Ash Grove

Nov-07 Whiskey Before Breakfast

Oct-07 Manitoba's Golden Boy

Sep-07 Red-Haired Boy

Aug-07 Texarkana Waltz

Jul-07 Arkansas Traveler

Jun-07 Kentucky Waltz

May-07 Flop-Eared Mule

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